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Hi All,

I want to know that how good is this profile for Software Engineer. Currently I am working in Samsung, Bangalore as Software Engineer. I want to grow as Software Developer in some very good company like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Adobe etc.
Though the company is Adobe and profile is Software Engineer but it is creating doubt in my mind as they have written White Box testing in the mail. Please find the below mail as received by me from Adobe. Kindly enlighten me keeping my career prospect in mind. Should I take it or not??

Mail From Adobe


For white box testers for our Product Adobe Flash Professionals. The profile requires coding, scripting and automation experience. The candidate will be designated as Software Engineer and will be responsible for testing of Adobe products. We're looking for an individual with excellent programming and communication skills.

1. Hands on C++ programming.
2. Should have expertise in scripting - JavaScript and/or Action Script. Experience in Flex/Flash technologies will be preferred.
3. Strong Windows and OS fundamentals. Mac OS experience will be an added advantage.
4. Exposure in writing full test frameworks would be a definite advantage
5. Should have excellent bug writing skills often suggesting the technical solutions to the issues.
6. People with experience in Automation tools like Silk Test will be preferred.
7. This person should be capable of working independently and collaboratively with a team.
8. B.E/B.Tech/M tech/MCA with 0 to 4 years' experience in testing Desktop and Enterprise/Cloud Products.
9. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Any help will be appreciated.


- Nitin Gupta May 15, 2012 | Flag |

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It sounds like they're calling you a software engineer but you're really a software engineer in test. It is a coding role. The role might not help you grow in the way you want, but it will give you a title you want in a company you want. So there is no easy answer. It can't hurt to apply though, can it?

- Gayle L McDowell May 15, 2012 | Flag Reply
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First of all thanks a lot Gayle for such a quick response.

Though I have applied and my interview is scheduled this Saturday, I want to know that can I switch to the actual SE profile in other companies. How exactly the work differs in this case as compared to SE profile.
My next question is : Do these companies gives profile of SE/SDE is a person is SET/SDET ?

- Nitin Gupta May 15, 2012 | Flag
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Hi Nitin,

In Adobe there are 3 different job roles: Member of Technical Staff (Dev), Software Engineer(White Box Testing), Quality Engineer(Black Box Testing). So profile offered to you is actually white box testing. The role consists of test case and test tool development, sometimes manual testing too.

- debugger May 17, 2012 | Flag Reply
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Thanks debugger,

Do u work for Adobe ? R u based in India ? Though I have made up my mind, so I am not going to give interview for above profile as it will affect my career growth in development domain. Also because Adobe has policy that candidate can't appear again till 1 year. So I thought not to give this interview as in future there might be openings for development domain. Then I can apply.


- Nitin Gupta May 17, 2012 | Flag

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