Knowledge of a particular programming language - Important or Not?

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How important is it to be an expert at some OS/programming language if I want to work in Microsoft? I have about 5 years of experience after my Masters and I have worked on several, several programming languages, technologies and concepts like: C, C++, Java, C#, Data Mining, Robotics, SharePoint, iPhone App development, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, SQL server, Oracle, Process consulting, project management, RUP, Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

But, I am an expert in none of the above (I worked on each one for a few months at most). Is this going to weigh against me in an interview even if I have a firm grip on basic concepts like algorithms, data structures, etc?

- Karthik November 04, 2009 | Flag

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Generally being a language expert isn't that important. Microsoft cares more about what you're capable of than if you are an expert in one language. I would definitely be comfortable with the core syntax of C++ or Java/C#.

That being said... every interviewer makes us their own questions. One could decide that being a language expert is important.

- Gayle L McDowell November 05, 2009 | Flag Reply

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