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I will keep it brief and provide my opinion.

1. If you are a recent graduate, you can avoid citing your GPA on your resume. Make sure you don't lie on your resume at all. You should know everything you have on it.
2. Write an excellent cover letter, a convincing one as to why you should be considered for the position.
3. You can upload your 8 iOS applications to github. I don't think recruiters look at code in github. The mere fact that you develop something else will give you some credit. Also sign up for stack overflow and try to contribute to the community. Sometimes recruiter do peek at stackoverflow profile. I have had a few calls from recruiters via stackoverflow career section.
4. Apply directly to company website. If you have contacts, ask them to refer you to the companies.
5. Last but not the least, prepare thoroughly. This is where most of us feel later on: "I wish I would have spent a few more days on this part".

I know its kind of sad that everytime you switch, you have to keep proving that you know data structures and algorithms, but that's how it is and probably not going to change anytime soon.

- animageofmine April 10, 2015 | Flag Reply

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