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Parallel/Concurrent computing is basically divided into shared-memory, and distributed-memory architectures. In this case, both multiprocessor and multi-core are (assumed to be) shared memory architectures. Now, there are different ways synchronization is achieved by different programming languages/systems.

However, if it is assumed that the difference between two systems for the same program is asked, then at a programming level there should be:

No difference, since both are shared memory architectures.

At internal hardware Level: Assuming that POSIX thread-mutex is used for synchronization, then it is usually implemented using a low level instruction like test-and-set, compare-and-swap etc. So, for that a (volatile) variable is used to hold the atomic lock value. This might be treated as an integer. If two or more (physically parallel) threads try to acquire a lock at a time, then the only difference between multicore & multiprocessor should be in the cache-coherency (usually hardware) mechanism used to access the shared-memory lock-variable.

This has covered little internals also.

So, the code design & implementation should NOT change in either cases.

see: http->

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


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