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Zoo analasys and design

design a zoo with different types of animals and cages(type, size), some of them cannot be in same cage.
how to represent relationship? what if lion eat 1 million different animals?

The main objects that immediately comes to mind are : zoo, cages animals.
The relation ships between the objects are:

Zoo contains cages
Zoo contains animals
Cage contains animals.

So one way to represent the zoo in uml is :
zoo contains cages
cage contain animals

Another way to represent the zoo in uml is
We can group animals by their type (for instancetype=lion contains the list of lion objects)

LinkedList<Animal> animals

I think zoo should be like this
List <cage>
List <AnimalType>
Where list can be replaced by search tree or other collection.


Now the question about the lion is very interesting.
I think the point is that an animal can not be at the same cage with other type of animals that he eats. For instance we can devidethe world of animals into two complement groups:
Those that the lion eats and those which he does not eat. In this question the lion eats million of animals. Now lets say there are one million and ten types of animals that can be in the zoo. In this case we would prefer to store only the ten animals that the lion does not eat.
On the other hand if we look at a cow for instance which is vegetarian we would represent the list of animals that it eats with null. So this discutiion lead us to add binary member to the class of animal, bCanBeAtTheSameCage, when bCanBeAtTheSameCage = true means we represent a list of animals that can be in the same cage like this animal. If bCanBeAtTheSameCage = false means we represent in the least those animals who can not be in the same cage with this animal.

List<Animal> TogheterInCage

- Anonymous October 06, 2012 | Flag Reply
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(<h2>What engineering deals with animal cages etc.?</h2>)

- ok October 02, 2014 | Flag Reply
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I dare you ask the same question to interviewers :) Imagine that you are simulating a zoo game on computer. What will you like to add to your zoo app apart from the problem statement? What features would you provide to the player? How you will structure your application code to accomplish that?

- jatin085 February 09, 2015 | Flag

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