Cognzant Technology Solutions Interview Question for Developer Program Engineers

Team: ruby on rails
Country: India
Interview Type: Written Test

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Unit tests, functional or module tests, integration tests

- Satish V November 01, 2012 | Flag Reply
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The third choice: Unit tests, functional or module tests, integration tests

From the SaaS book:

Given the vast number of different combinations of inputs, testing cannot be exhaustive. One way to reduce the space is to perform different tests at different phases of software development.

Starting bottom up, unit testing makes sure that a single procedure or method does what was expected.

The next level up is module testing, which tests across individual units. For example, unit testing works within a single class and module testing works across classes.

Above this level is integration testing, which ensures that the interfaces between the units have consistent assumptions and communicate correctly. This level does not test the functionality of the units.

At the top level is system testing or acceptance testing, which tests to see if the integrated program meets its specifications.

- Anonymous August 09, 2013 | Flag Reply

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