Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: Written Test

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1. Check if the wifi device is on or not.
2. Internet wire is connected to device.
3. Internet connectivity notifications are coming on device.
4. Check on laptop that you wifi is enable on laptop.
5. Test if the wifi is connected to this wifi device.
6. Test if the wifi drivers are installed properly on laptop.
7. Test if the wifi connectivity is coming.
8. Test if the wifi get off when application is using.
9. Disconnect the wifi while using application over wifi.
10. Use internet on multiple application at the same time and check the speed of internet.
11. Use multiple device on same wifi to test the internet connectivity speed.
12. test if the user with device is out of range.
13. Test on the edge of wifi rage.
14. Connect with another wifi and use the application then move to the range of this testing wifi and test if laptop get connect with it or not.

- naps May 06, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Test case may cover these scenario.
1:test for the device type:
This should return the device type.

public String test(HttpServletRequest request){
return request.getHeader("User-Agent");}

2:test for device connected to wifi:
2.1. check ConnectivityManager type:

ConnectivityManager connManager = 
    (ConnectivityManager) con.getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
NetworkInfo current = connManager.getActiveNetworkInfo();
boolean isWifi = current != null && current.getType() == ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI

2.2. try getting SSID

WifiInfo wifiInfo = wifiManager.getConnectionInfo();
wifiInfo.getSSID();// returns null or ssid if connected to any wifinetwork

3 :test for connected to the internet.
- try pinging a web-service

ping a reply means connected to internet.

- Prithvi July 04, 2013 | Flag Reply
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1) Check for Wi-Fi connectivity with app
2) Check the app functions well with wi-fi
3) What happens when wi-fi cut when app is used
4) what happens when app is launched with wi-fi cut
5) What happens when Wi-Fi is out of range
6) Check for response of app with full wi-fi stength & min Wi-Fi strength
7) Check data is preserved when relaunching the app with wi-fi off

- Jagx August 17, 2013 | Flag Reply
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- ram lakhan sharma November 17, 2017 | Flag Reply

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