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Offline browser experience is hugely dependent on user's behavior over the same website. It cannot be created on the first time websites, a lot of async calls and cache would be required along side predictive analysis to get this sort of experience. A few questions to be figure out are:

1. What are the most common websites the user uses?
2. How detailed the user goes in hierarchy on a particular site/article/page
3. How much he/she reads related articles
4. Is the user in habit of switching the websites from the same webpage, or opens up a new one.
5. Is the user redirects himself to other linked pages from a page?
6. How long the user remains on a particular page/article/news etc
7. Whether the user reads primary information or go over the secondary information or in details.
8. Whether the user scrolls down to read the entire page, or touches only the surface area
9. How much the user looks on images or advertisements. what if I don't load those?
10. How long a user session works out to be.

Now, look at the cache propositions;Identify the Cache memory size and how many pages from the top browsed websites can be stored.
1. Cache the primary pages, block javascript and load only sprite images.
2. Cache shall pick up pages of most browsed websites, gradually lowering down the experience.

You would need:

API - to fetch the followup pages based on user's interest when the internet is working; The same shall have refresh rate of 1 min when the system is online; no refresh till the system is up.
API - to fetch the user predictive analysis and create the storage page index
API - to fetch the storage pages only when the user is offline.
API- to overrite the storage pages everytime the user goes to those website
API to redirect the page back to parent page with appropriate message or to home page, if a page is not found in storage, thus giving smoother experience.
API to validate checksum and update the pages as soon as internet is back
API as service to check internet as heartbeat to switch back offline/online mode automatically
API to maintain cache status while being offline.

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