Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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1. Launch the incognite mode.
2. Browser through different website and close browser . Check for history , cookies . The data should have been deleted.
3. Browser a site and download , Bookmark some page. Exit browser. Bookmark and Downloaded file should be saved .
4. Check for compatibility in different OS and mobile sizes - > Compatibility test.
5. UI Test - > The browser should be scaled up.
6. Use private browsing and regular browsing in different tabs and check for results.
7. Switch between private and Regular browsing mode and observe behavior.
8. Stress test - > Open and close browser for 500 times.It should not crash.

- Anonymous January 24, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Install the browser on mobile.
2. Open the browser.
3. Check the browser is closing or not.
4. Open the private mode in browser and open any website.
5. Check if the browser is storing the history or other user data in private mode or not.
6. Try to open new window if it is opening also in private mode or not.
7. Close internet connection and then test it by opening any website in the browser.
8. Open the browser and minimize it and again open the browser and check if it is opening it in its previous state or not.
9. Check other functional testing like change font, remember password, new tabs etc.
10. UI testing on different browser, like it is compatible to the mobile screen resolution or not.
11. Security Testing.
12. Open many tabs at the same time.
13. Try to open the browser in low RAM.
14. Check bookmarks, save page feature.
15. Open some website and check if it is opening in mobile view or system view.
16. Open website and check if it is opening in the browser according to the screen resolution.
17. try to open two different website in two diff tab at the same time and perform some diff operations on them.
18. Try to download some files in the browser.
19. Download a very large file by using browser, and check if it is able to download that file or not.
20. Try to enter some wrong url in the browser.
21. Try to pass a vary log url
22. Open some flash website like YouTube and run any video in browser.
23. Try to kill the application from system app setting.

- naps April 22, 2014 | Flag Reply
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In addition to above points...

1. Switch off mobile once u set private mode in browser, and switch it on, see the behavior
2. See the behavior in different mobiles
3. Try to access the same browser from many diffierent mobiles at the same time
4. Try to uninstall
5. check all browser features in private mode.
6. Open the browser and remove battery of the mobile and see the behavior
7. Move from SD card to Phone memory and vice versa
8. if it is in SD card, then remove it after opening the browser.
9. Open various sites with that browser.
10. Try with wifi or data connection
11. Connect mobile to PC and try accessing mobiles browser from PC
12. Check mobile screen resolution
13. Open browser in private mode and kill it via task manager
14. Open too many instances of that browser
15. Open browsers in too many mobile devices at the same time
16. Open browser offline
17. Able to clear browsing data manually also
18. Able to print, save the page, find string in page and all other supporting functionalities
19. History should not list the URL, we opened in private mode, though it is still in open.
20. Browser cache should be off if we open URL in private mode.

- Gangadhar July 11, 2014 | Flag Reply

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