Salesforce Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: United States
Interview Type: In-Person

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Its depend upon how the framework is implemented and below are some thoughts to help with the answer.

1. Think about singly link list, if you are inserting an element in the middle you have to change the references (pointer).
2. Think about array implementation, if you are adding the element in the middile you need to changed the position of all other element

- Milind February 27, 2015 | Flag Reply
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1. It may break execution order if there is dependencies among the TCs.
2. It will depend how the TCs are written, and how the Test Framework executes TCs here.

- RajuB March 23, 2015 | Flag Reply
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1) if that step is independent and has no link with data used in 1000 steps then no problem
2) if it changes a variable or something in database which is not expected in the 502 steps or any other downstream it may fail
3) Even though the test cases may shown pass, but may be the data generated may not be the same.

- Gaurav Khurana September 02, 2015 | Flag Reply

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