Amazon Interview Question for Testing / Quality Assurances

Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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The interviewer is obviously trying to test your knowledge on various types of testing techniques. It would be wise to talk about testing each feature separately (unit tests) - you can give examples here like : Searching for products and filtering them by brands, price etc while covering corner cases eg. in case of price, if the exact price entered is included or not? Once you have made sure all features are working fine, you would want to perform what is called Integration Testing, features that are interdependent on each other, work file together or not? Again give examples here like after placing an order do I get an email with appropriate details? Then there are more types of testings that are done. Like security, where you run tools to hack into the website. Stress Testing, where you are trying to check performance of the website under high load, say on Black Friday?! Checkout various other testing techniques and try to give as many examples as possible in context of

- nosyDeveloper November 17, 2013 | Flag Reply
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First of all, there are two things.
1. Front end
2. Backend

Front end is again composed of two things
1. Static content
2. Dynamic content

Backend is composed of two things.
1. Database backed REST Services
2. Pre-generated machine learning algorithms output

Database backed rest services are the simplest to test, because they are effectively Java code. Machine learning algorithms by having a validation set. The recent trend is to gather feedback of machine learning algorithms by releasing to small group of users and then to broader set of people.

Static content of front end can be testing by effective regexes. As long as the page is built modularly, each module can be tested separately.

If there was a wrapper added to every REST service output to convert from json to html, then the html can be tested similar to above approach.

Front Javascript can be tested by black box testing tools like Selenium or server-side js engines (I cannot remember others now).

Feel free to add if I missed anything.

- Messi November 17, 2013 | Flag Reply
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We can write a complete book about how to test a website like
But in short,
We can make a list of all the features and test each one seperatly and at the end do an integration testing.
For exmple:
Your Amazon Community
Your Site Preferences
Shopping Features
Notifications & E-mail Subscriptions
Business Opportunities

And for each feature we can test:

If you don't know the detail of each feature you can start by an exploratory testing.
If you knnow the detail of each feature, you can start testing
base case scenarios
worse case scenarios
boundary testing

If you have access to the code, then you can look for pitfalls or critical parts.

You can create an automated testing framework to test funcational testing for every module.

You can stress the website using any request tool or create your own one.

You can test accesability, usability, etc

There are tons of things you can test, I think the thing is to split the system in many peaces as possible an test them individually and then integreate all of them an test it all together.

If this was asked on a phone interview, I think the interviewer wants to see if you have an structure methodology to face this problem. Of course he/she will not expect you to tell you all the possible ways to test this out. The key is keep talking till he/she stop you ;)

- .·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º> November 16, 2013 | Flag Reply
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Some of the comments on this page are kind of racist

- varun sharma ( CEO of ) November 18, 2013 | Flag Reply
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For this one, I think that what the interviewer is asking for is whether or not we are following a testing approach, if this is the case, then the first thing that we need to ask is for requirements, these requirements will define everything regarding the site like the backend functionality and the front end functionality

- Hector April 23, 2014 | Flag Reply
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User case scenario testing.

1> can we access webpage on browser?
2> can we open web site on different devices with different browsers?
3> All the search boxes, dropboxes, menubars, buttons are on the place.
4> login, logout, registation component test.

5> static + dynamic content tests?
6> find the capability of each component.
7> test each component one by one
8> system tests
9> security tests for the website
10> performance test
11> memory test for the website
if everything passes send it to dog fooding to partners and internal users

- jimishs29 August 30, 2014 | Flag Reply
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