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Interview Type: Phone Interview

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1.Sound an alert when weight of the persons in elevator exceeds the capacity of the elevator.
2.When clicked on particular Number(0,1,2,3,4....) button. It should reach there otherwise sound an alert.

3. Where to use.
4. How many floors are there
5. What is the maximum capacity of the elevator .
6. What is the style of the door whether these are of glass or iron or some other material)
7.It should be capable of moving up and down.
8. Whether it is safe to be inside it or not
9. What is the performance
10.Light is there or not ?
11.Fan is there or not ?
12.What does it uses a rope-pully system or magnetic style system.

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0. If a live system. Ensure safety first. Include notifying someone you are working with the elevator and expect to be back by when. Have a override mechanism to exit the elevator if the elevator fails.

Functional Test:
1. Start with the control module and plugin a tester to ensure all buttons are working and reporting the correct results.
2. Check for calibration to ensure each floor travels the equal distance except special floors like lobby and penthouse.
3. Repeat step 2 to stress test to ensure calibration persist after multiple cycles.
4. Alarm test: check alert triggers - elevator stop at mid floor, elevator door malfunction, manual press button, call is directed to security (not sure about the fire department), wait capacity.
5. Door - both internal and external doors operates correctly. Both internal and external door opens and aligned correctly. See step 2 and 4 for other door test.
6. Simulate and test braking system.

Non-functional test:
1. Communication: phone connected to security and is functional.
2. Light - main operation light, emergency light.
3. Fan/Ventilation
4. Control panel covers is secured. Control module covers is secured.
5. Rails are secured.
6. Inspect cables, pulleys, connections for wears and maintenance.
7. Check for other damages and write it to the report.

Billing: Mark time the hours you spend and send the management company a bill. LOL...

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