Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Kindle
Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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a) Ping the Website Url from the local machine in india, to see if that website is up and running, by checking packets returned.
b) Check if the correct website URL is typed in the browser address bar.
c) Check if the port at which the website is hit, is supported by the host website. e.g. if user is trying to hit on https mode, and the website is actually hosted on http mode only.
d) Check for browser compatibility. Check if the browser or the version of the browser in which the website url is hit, is supported by the application.
e) Check for OS compatibility. Check for the OS on which the website url is hit, is supported by the application. for e.g we are trying to hit the url on a Windows XP (32-bit machine), but application is supported on a 64 bit machine.
f) Check if the application is not restricted on the www domain, and is registered on the US country dns only.
g) Check if the application has sensitive content which is not supposed to be shared with other countries, hence meant to be used in US only.
h) Check if the application is registered on US country domain like - Dot us, and thus not being accessible from India.
i) Check if the website is blocked on the India Country DNS to be used in India, and hence not accessible.
j) Check if the system from where user is trying to access the website, has firewall activated, which is restricting the site to be opened.
k) Check, if the time, when User is trying to access the system, is peak business hours \ usage hours, and the application is not hosted on a high performance server, thus it takes too much time to be loaded and user thinks its not working.
l) Probably there is some module in the application, which when accessed by some user in US, consumes too much system memory on server, or might be several threads which are consuming too much server memory, and thus slowing down the performance of the server. And Users from India trying to access that machine at that time faces performance issues, and application not opening.
m) User trying to use the application on some device like ipad, mobile on which it is not supported.

- pal January 22, 2014 | Flag Reply
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IP restriction testing. u can go with fly vpn for testing those scenarios

- Boss January 22, 2014 | Flag Reply

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