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Test Cases for Refrigerator:
check size/dimensions of the fridge if they are as per the specs
check the color as per the specs
check the texture and check the durability of the color by washing/cleaning the surface multiple times
check interior color, material, durability
check the hinges of the doors (fridge and deep freezer) by opening and closing the doors multiple times continuously
check if the interior can be cleaned easily
verify the sizes of all the slots if they are as per the specs
check for the sustenance of the shelves with the allowed weights and disallowed weights
check the overall weight of the fridge if it is as per the specs

Installation testing:
Connect to the power it is intended to take and verify
check the length of the wire and the size of the plug pin if it conforms to the specs which include the type of the plug pin for the particular country
Material of the wire and the plug pin if they are durable.
Colour of the above

Write test cases for all the settings that are mentioned in the manual for the refrigerator
Check the cooling for each setting
check if the light works as mentioned in the manual
Check for the brightness of the light
check if it switches off while closing the door
check if it switches on while opening the door
check if the light is producing heat when the door is opened for longer time
Check the condensation feature

Performance testing:
check if the fridge can handle slight variation in voltages as compared to the allowed ones
check the voltages for which the fridge might fail to function
open the fridge and keep it open for long hours and check how it works

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Functional test cases for refrigerator:
1. power on and check the compressor is running and cooling happens.
2. check for the compressor cutoff time.
3. check the freezer section. test with deep frozen items like ice-creams, ice-cubes etc.
4. check the food/fruit/veggie section with different food items.
5. check the lock of the refrigerator.
6. check for cooling leaks from the door or any sides of refrigerator.
7. power on the refrigerator and open the doors of refrigerator. check the compressor is running continously or not.
8. check by adjusting the cooling temperature.
9. check cooling of refrigerator in beyond room temperature conditions.
10. check the defrost mode.

Non-Functional test cases for refrigerator

1. check with different power voltages.
2. load the food items upto and beyond the capacity.
3. switch off the power and check how long cooling withstand.
4. check what happens if we place the refrigerator upside down and run it.
5. check for water resistance of the door.

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