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Mainly, here whole testing can be break into some major areas like as below:

>> Smoke Testing (also referred as minimal acceptance testing in many occasion): Coverage on different platforms, with different hardware specs - define objective of smoke & acceptance criteria, Time & resource requirement, preparing test beds for the smoke, cover if anything usable from previous projects/products.

>> Backup, Restore & Upgrade Testing : Assuming that it allows the user to take backup and restore from it, this will mainly cover the upgrade from previos versions and the behavior of the game after the upgrade. Requirement for separate test bed for upgrade & backu/restore testing, resource & time requirement.

>>Continous Testing for hours: Coverage on running the game for several hours like 1 day, two days, upto 7 days in a week and plot the result on behavior from it. Separate test bed requirement details, resource and time deadlines etc.

>> Longevity Testing: It generally runs for weeks/months - coverage is manily on its behavior and rubustness when the game application is stress like anything. This will also need separate test bed & resourcesl like others and time deadline to complete it.

>> Performance Testing: Coverage mainly on performance on the application and the hardware where it hosted actually - take the counts of RAM usage, CPU usage when an user plays the game for several hours continously. Performance can be done as part of the above testing models.

>> Usability Testing: Coverage will be mainly on UI and UX of the game, dedicated testing on these area to make the game more user friendly and make it easy to use. (Anything that is difficult to use, user to simply unsinstall it and switch to another game of similar type)

>> Comparision Testing: Mainly, coverage will be comparing the game with similar kind of game and take/adapt any kool feature that missing from the game but availble in similar games.

-- we can still add many more, not sure about how much percentage above will cover, but its ookay to start with.

Feel free add missing ones :)

- Nueman September 07, 2016 | Flag Reply
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Main Area to be focused in test plan :
- Test specification
- Usability
- Performance
- Portability (backward and forward)
- Load and Stress

- Risk estimation:
- issue : What if maximum no user is not able to complete some basic level
- Result: User loosing interest in game.

- issue: What if system crashes at some level of game
- result: uninstallation of game.

Risk Mitigation:
- Usability rating (internally) on level completion
- System stress testing. (installing other multiple software along with angry bird)

- Asha January 16, 2017 | Flag Reply

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