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1.Verify if the internet connection is working.
2.How much memory space this app is taking. much battery does this app consume.
4.Is tracking feature of this app working on time.If its not delaying to update the current position
5.It informs and show the new route, whenever a route is taken
6.The app should display a notification if the driver has missed the actual route and is going on the wrong route..
7.It updated whenever a drop is done.
8.It should update the time correctly when did the drop happen,how much time didi it take and where the drop has happened.
9.If the tracking has been stopped by the driver,or it has been stopped due to some connection problem,then message should be displayed supervisor's app.

- kajal September 19, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Shouldn't this is a weighted graph problem.

- Anonymous September 22, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Shouldn't this a weighted graph problem

- ss September 22, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Location (GPS) testing:-
1. Routing is working properly.
2. In case of data connectivity lost, check if user can see the last location .

In case of fixed route mismatch,alert or any other notification Supervisor should get.

OS Testing
Check the app should work on different OS like android, ios, etc.
Check the app should have readable GUI.
Check the CPU usage, memory consumption, data usage, etc when app runs on device.

Check the user this app can link at one time.
Check when the route is started, completed a status message should be updated with an alert in supervisor app.
Check how many driver and supervisor mapping can happen via app.

DB Testing
Check how and where the memory is storing.
Check what, how much history this app is maintiaing.

Web services Testing
Check in case of alert or notification, web services are working.

GUI Testing
User management, mapping is clearly visible.
Login should work.
Linking of app with social media or other apps.

- Khyati Sehgal September 22, 2015 | Flag Reply
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UI Features
- GPS ON/OFF Feature Test, Subsequest Online and Offline mode
1. Check connections details as mandatory condition
2. scheduling of Ping and retrieval of Latest location details
3. when device connects back after going offline, it has to updated all its local data
4. offline mode doesn't stop the app from working.
- Truck Details
1. Creation/Modification/Deletions of Truck Details Happening
- Location Details
1. Creation/Modification of Location Details,
2. Locations are within the specified region of operations
- Map UI
1. Map UI is zoooming in and out at a particular location
2. get itself updated based on location
- List of drop offs
1. Truck should not start with nil drop offs
2. Addition/modification/deletion of drop offs are getting updated to list
3. Notification alert is sent when the dropOff list is not empty before heading to head office and also when exceeds a threshold
- Route Tracker
1. Give a shortest distance for truck based on dropoff list.
2. Updates the Route when dropoff list is modified.
- Notifications and Order communication Framework
1. Alerts are sent to truck driver when
a) missed the right route
b) modifcation happened to drop off list
c) truck details are updated
d) drop off location is nearing
- History and Logging
1) list of all completed drop off are logged
2) snapshots of travelling route is logged

Server Side
- Trucks Inventory Management
1) Creation/Modification of Truck Details,
2) Truck allocation status updations are happening properly or not
3) dropOff location addition/modification is updated in trucks inventory
- Truck Scheduling
1) check if truck schedules are updated regularly or not
2) Tracking mechanism is working properly
3) Alerts are reached when Truck Leaves/Reaches head Office
4) alerts are reached when truck reaches drop off location
- Escalation and Alerts Mechanism
1) error handling scenarios of location and route or missed drop offs
2) trigger the escalation mechanism if schedule is not inline
- Reporting Framework
1) reports are generated properly for a given truck
2) reports of truck allocations and scheduling are generated properly

- ravikanth828 May 12, 2016 | Flag Reply
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1) The app should be able to find the most promising route in case of heavy traffic or any other reason such as construction work going on the usual route.
2) GPS tracking should be effective in bad terrains and during bad whether.
3) The delivery time estimation should be made keeping in mind the traffic in the chosen route and also the whether conditions.

- kr0821 December 25, 2017 | Flag Reply

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