PayPal Interview Question for Android test engineers

Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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1.installation of app should be successful with the expected version.
2.App should open without crash. a Viedo,it should run on the app.

Above cases are enough for YouTube smoke test...
Further testing will come under sanity test.

Plz crt me if I m wrong

- Vichu April 27, 2016 | Flag Reply
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1. Android phones come with Youtube installed in it.So installing is not a valid case.
You could set the updates to manual and then update app and verify behavior.
2. Should be able to launch the app without any crashes, glitches or performance issues.
3. App should not crash at any instance while going back and forth or whilst trying to play a video.
4. Since youtube is a Video streaming application, it is a necessity to check if the video and audio are in sync. If there is an issue with one video try with more to narrow out on whether it is the issue with one particular clip or not.
5. The already existing icons and features should remain intact.
6. While watching a video on the portrait mode, hit the Back/Return button on the phone o verify that you can scroll through the app and continue watching the video in a PIP format.

1. App should be installable.
2. Should be able to launch the app.
3. Should land on Home .
4. Able to update status.
5. Clicking on message icon should lead to messenger app.
6. Clicking on the top right corner should show the list of friends.
7. Clicking on the icon should show the profile of the logged in user.
8. Clicking on the third party apps should lead to those apps outside of the FB application.

- Poornima Balakrishnan January 09, 2017 | Flag Reply
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- Poornima Balakrishnan January 09, 2017 | Flag Reply

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