Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Kindle
Country: India
Interview Type: Written Test

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Check with
1. diff OS types
2. diff flavors of windows / linux
3. diff bits of windows
4. unplug the usb while preview
5. on diff usb ports
6. on usb hub

- Shubha July 27, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Test when USB is connected, is editing photograph enabled?

- Varsha August 06, 2015 | Flag
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1) check if you are able to open photos directly from camera instead of copy it to local drive
2) check if you are able to open 20 instances of single photo
3) check if you are able to open 20 instances of different photo
4) Editing of photo should not overwrite existing photo
5) should be able to move left and right arrow keys to different photos
6) what if the connection broken when the photos are open
7) open 1 photo from PC and another from camera
8) if the photo is open and its deleted from backend

- Gaurav Khurana September 08, 2015 | Flag Reply
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- Check after connecting the camera with PC user is able to see the pics file in pc
- PC show the option to view the pic thru preview app.
- Select a pic and open with preview, user should be able to open.
- user should be able to view the opened pic in preview.
- check for quality of pic in preview mode and actual
- check the size in preview.
- check user able to zoom in and zoom out preview
- check the file format of previewd image and check for other properties
- check preview app is supporting all the pic formate
- try to preview the file that's not supported by preview app.
- check is camera disconnected while preview
- check if PC shutdown while preview
- check all the scenario in different OS and devices.
- check the preview when there is not enough space
- check preview when RAM is running full.
- chekc the preview with different configuration of RAM, processors etc
- check how much memory preview app occupie while preview.
- check when there is some update running for the app in background , how preview app works
- check the preview app for diff bits of OS , 64, 32, 86 etc.
- check on different ub ports.
- check how many instances of same pic u can open.
- open and bleed the limit of no# of instances can be opened by the app.
- Open photos in local storage device.

- Manoj June 05, 2016 | Flag Reply

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