Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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1. validate whether all keyboard function like, backspace, space, cntl+B, cntl+p, cntl+v etc etc are working or not.
2. validate whether CAPS conversion is working or not. Select a complete sentence and check whether its possible to convert it to upper or lower case, or not.
3. validate whether HOME/END function is working or not.
4. validate the once the a sentence reaches the maximum window size, a scroll bar is appearing or not for scrolling to get a complete view.
5. Validate whether it copy & paste from other source or not.
6. validate whether its possible to paste images or other multimedia resources.
7. Validate whether it possible to drag and drop across the editor, or not.
8. Validate if there is any eraser kind of feature available or not.
9. Validate whether cursor is blinking at certain point or not, generally at the current position of a line.
10. Validate if there is any line# are present or not.
11. Validate if there is any user preference option is available or not, to set some preferences as per user requirements.
12. Validate whether line alignment options like right/left/justify/middle are present or not.
13. validate when user going out of the editor without saving the current document, is it saving the docs automatically or not.
14. validate the default file format in the editor, like .txt, .doc, docx, or something else..
15. ....& many more we can add.

<<Assuming it to be text editor>>

- Anonymous March 23, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Let take it is a normal online text editor, so that can be many test cases for that:-
1. Try to write something on text editor with internet connectivity.
2. try to write something on editor without internet connectivity.
3. Check the complete UI on cross browsers on web.
4. Check the complete UI on cross browser on mobile.
5. Try it on cross platform.
6. In the editor, user should able to write anything.
a. string
b. numbers
c. special char
d. alphanumeric
e. any programing code
f. sql queries
g. a character
h. very long string
7. Check the save feature of it, user should able to save all things.
8. Try to open text file in this editor from your system.
9. try copy paste on editor.
10. Try to close the browser while writing something, it should show some warning before closing the browser.
11. Check if user is able to delete the text written on the text editor.
12. If editor is creating a unique url for every text file on which user is writing then write something then copy url, close browser and open that url in another browser, it should open the file with containing all text which user has written on the file previously.
13. File auto save while writing on the file should working.
14. Check the other menu option given in the editor they should working.
15. try to write some html content.
16. try to open some image file or some other file formats.
17. Check the font size, font colr etc should be working.
18. Try to minimize the browser and all text should remain same on maximization of browser.
19. Try to write some other languages in text field i.e. hindi
20. Try to save file without internet connection

- July 05, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Online editor? What editor? is it photo editor, code editor, pdf editor?

- Prem February 13, 2015 | Flag Reply
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Try to share the text you have just created and check if the link is working correctly
try to select a programming language and see if its highlighting the syntax correctly
Try to paste some unicode characters which are from different sets

- Gaurav Khurana September 02, 2015 | Flag Reply

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