Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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Push Notification:
1. install the app and enable push notification.
2. intstall the app and disbale push notification.
3. install the app and enable push notification. delete the data source of marketing team.
4. install the app and enable push notification. shut down the data source of marketing team.
5. install the app and enable push notification. open other apps and check if those push notification are getting in those apps.
6. click the push notification that popped up.
7. click the close option in the push notification pop-up and check it.
8. check in different brand/version of mobile phones.
9. check if the ads in the push notification are from the data source.
10. close and open the app and check for push notifications.
11. uninstall and reinstall then check for push notifications of the app.
12. disbale the network open the app and check for the notification. expected there should not be any notifications.

- geeknanda13 May 22, 2017 | Flag Reply
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Here are some more test cases

1) Call the app user and send notifications - check if notification is accessible
2) Check the app notifications on - mobile data, wifi, offline(airplane mode), low network area, car driving conditions
3) remove the sim card and test the app notifications
4) turn off the sounds, turn the sound and check notifications
5) some apps have premium and general users - check notifications for all such user based conditions
6) set up time based notifications - verify if they are correct (example - remainders app)
7) check if the location based notifications work
8) point an invalid/incorrect data source and verify notifications
9) If there are many notifications on user phone screen, check if this app's notifications are working properly(according to the mobile device brand, screen size)
10) perform multiple actions on mobile - play audio, play game etc and check if the app notification are disturbed
11) enable Bluetooth, hotspot and check the notifications

- blankspace September 12, 2018 | Flag Reply
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in Addition to the above scenarios, check for the below as well
1. upgrade/downgrade of the app
2. push notifications sent successfully to multiple versions of the app for different users.
3. is there a replica of the app on laptop, if so check for that as well
4. disable pop ups and check for push notification on the app only when the app is launched.

- Anonymous April 12, 2020 | Flag Reply

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