Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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Check RAM size, than Graphics Card.Basically look for the Hardware issues.
Than, if not Hardware , U gotto look for the code where is the Memory leak !!! and dependency libraries. Moreover, the deadlock scenarios are very common , so look for thread Mingling. those are Very Basics I think I would start with.

- hprem991 February 24, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Its very important to look systematically so go step by step:

-> first of all, check for a recursive pattern or a one off case. If this is recursive, then debugging is different, or else we can check for a diff path.

1. Check for CPU usage
2. Check for RAM usage
3. Check for low disk space
4. Check for too many process running on the system, occasionally crossing CPU, or RAM or diskspace.

Once you are clear with these, move on to next steps (Check the event log for exact error):
1. Check Graphic Card
2. Check libraries intermingle
3. Check overloading of resources required for the application
4. Check RAM Size
5. Check process/thread deadlock

- Asheesh May 14, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Low memory space - Min of 3GB
2. Processor should be 3GHz Core2Duo
3. Windows should be 64bit
4. If you are playing - Min 512 kbps internet speed
5. If an antivirus is present it might be the cause of a crash
6. Virus attack on the system.
7. Graphic card is not present.
8. Drivers are not present
9. If you have dual monitors try disconnecting one
10. NFS needs to be upgraded
11. NFS is not supported for that OS
12. Uninstall and ReInstall the game again
13. Overlocked or underlocked the graphics card.
14.Turn on DEP from Control Panel -> System Settings
15. Check log files to see which dll/exe caused the problem.
16. Restart the system
17. CD is corrupted.

- AD July 25, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Check RAM, Graphics Card, Check if there unnecessary applications are opening, Restart Desktop, Check Supportability with OS, Take a gap and then restart the game again, Check error message, Check system is running or not

- napender April 14, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Check crash logs.
2. Check system RAM
3. Check system graphics memory
4. Check if game support OS.
5. try to run game on different system to check if it crash on all machines also.
6. Restart the game.
7. Update the game
8. Restart the system and then again start the game
9. Check if game requires the internet connection
10. Check if some other large application is running in the system background
11. Check the cache memory of the system
12. Read the game specifications if it need some extra requirement.
13. Check the disk space.
14. Reinstall the game and start the game again.
15. Check if user is running game on trail period and trial period is over.
16. Disable the anti virus and then again start the game, that might be possible that anti virus is stopping execution of some important file whic hare required for the game.
17. Check if the game is installed correctly.
18. Check if user has minimized the game window.
19. Will check if system is running out of power if it is running on battery.

- July 05, 2015 | Flag Reply

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