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The question is VLC player installation is crashing - The debugging always starts with "Pattern finding"

1. Try multiple times to figure out if this is reoccuring
2. If no, we are good. If yes, then
a. Look for the memory space
b. Look for dependent dll
c. Look for version (32 bit installer getting installed on 64 bit OS)
d. Look for a installer meant for another Os being installed on different one
e. Look for low disk space
f. Look for low cache, or RAM
g. Look for logged in user not having installation rights
h. Look for installing from an remote location where the user does not have executable rights

- Asheesh May 16, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1.Check for bit version[32 or 64] compatability of vlc and your system.
2.Check the system requirements of vlc to be installed.
2.if it is compatable, then restart system which frees RAM and temp memory
3.try installing again
4.If problem comes, then run anti virus and clean system

- girish July 18, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Definitely the depended file / library missing!!!

- hprem991 February 24, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Here i am listing down some basic scenarios which user can try to debug the vlc media player.
1. Restart the vlc.
2. Restart the system and again start the vlc.
3. check the media format which user is running in vlc.
4. try to run some other format supported by vlc.
5. kill all thread of the vlc and again run it.
6. Check the System RAM.
7. Clean the system cache and temp files.
8. update the vlc media player.
9. reinstall the vlc.
10. Restore the system in previous restore point.
11. close all other running application.
12. Scan the system with antivirus, it is possible that app is crashing due to any virus.
13. check the error or warning message of if some file missing or something else.

- naps April 21, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Restart he player again.
2. Check the logs of player.
3. Check antivirus is stopping to run any file of the player.
4. check if player has updated version
5. Check if it is installed correctly.
6. Try to reinstall the player.
7. Check if multiple applications are running on background.
8. Need to check if the file is supported by player which user trying to run
9. Check the CPU utilization
10. Check the RAM of the system
11. If system is giving the low disk space warning
12. Need to restart the system.
13. Check if vlc version is compatible with current OS version
14. Need to check if player requires the internet connectivity.
15. Need to check that file is not corrupted which user is trying to play in player.
16. Need to check if user has minimized the application.
17. Need to check if backgroud threads are running in the background of the player.
18. Try to install the same player with same version on another machine.
19. Need to check if system is hanged.
20. Need to check if there some virus in the system.
21, Check the player support specifications i.e. 32bit or 64bit system etc.

- July 05, 2015 | Flag Reply

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