Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Kindle
Country: United States
Interview Type: Phone Interview

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Wall Clock:
Numbers read from 1 - 12 and in order and in clockwise
Seconds pointers
Clock minute hours and seconds hands
Size of those hands
material used for those
Font of those numbers
Option to set/reset the clock

System testing
Validate the movement of minute second and hours
Caluclate the accuracy of the seconds,minutes,Hours over period
movement of minutes seconds and hours from each ones perspective
Date(leapyear,months with different dates)
Set/rest the clock
Change the battery
Night vision
Grip ofthe watch

Recovery scenarios
Working of clock with battery and without battery

Integration testing

Performance testing
Clock performance with low battery and full battery (check in regular intervals)
High pressure,Low pressure
water resistive(How much pressure it can take)
Performance in the presence magnetic field

Accesibility testing

Usability Testing

Alpha testing

User Acceptence Testing

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