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The below sequence of operations will occur.

1. In kernel, each system call is identified by a number.
2. When system call is called, first it calls the C lib wrapper function. This function place all the required information in the CPU registers. i.e. in case of ARM, R7 is placed with the system call id no.
3. After this, Software interrupt (SWI) is generated to switch the context from user to kernel space.
4. Now the process is in kernel mode, trap handler is called, system_call() to handle this.
5. Trap handler copied all the information from CPU register to kernel stack. It validates the information. It gets the required system call routine from sys_call_table().
6. After serving the actual system call, control is returned back to trap handler, and from there to user space.

- Madhu July 21, 2015 | Flag Reply
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System calls are for kernel service.
Using 0x80 INT, it jumps to kernel context.
For this u shd have asmlinkage pre-knowledge is required.
While implementation, u need to increment macro count from particular header file then define ur call and u need to put in corresponds...location

- mlakshmanarao July 20, 2011 | Flag Reply
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read Linux System Calls Part2 at

- rulingminds July 31, 2011 | Flag Reply

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