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An essay for what statistics are needed. Research paper "statistics in our life"

What are statistics for? This question is asked by everyone who begins to study statistics. But before you know why you need statistics, you first need to understand what statistics are? What does this discipline study? What is the history of the development of statistics as an academic discipline? Only by answering these questions will we be able to understand why statistics are needed after all. statistics discipline handling material

The very word "statistics" is ambiguous. Currently, there are about a thousand of its definitions. Economists, mathematicians, sociologists, philosophers and, of course, the extras themselves have tried to define statistics as a science.

Statistics is a branch of knowledge that outlines the general issues of collecting, measuring and analyzing massive statistical (quantitative or qualitative) data; the study of the quantitative side of mass social phenomena in numerical form.

The word "statistics" comes from the Latin "status" - a state of affairs. In science, the term "statistics" was introduced by the German scientist Gottfried Achenwall in 1746, proposing to replace the name of the course " State Studies", taught at German universities, to "Statistics", thus laying the foundation for the development of statistics as a science and academic discipline. Despite this, statistical records were conducted much earlier: population censuses were carried out in ancient China, the military potential of states was compared, the property of citizens was kept in ancient Rome, etc.

Statistics develops a special methodology for research and processing of materials: mass statistical observations, the method of groupings, averages, indices, the balance method, the method of graphic images and other methods of analyzing statistical data.

Having studied the history of the emergence of statistics a little , it becomes clear that it began to arise as a necessary science.

Currently, statistics plays an important role in the development of the state economy , statistics is an instrument of state administration . The greatest advantage of statistics is that all statistical data are presented in numerical form and we can assess the scale of a mass phenomenon in relation to something.

There are many sections of statistics, because it covers almost all areas of human life . Below are the most important, in my opinion, sections:

The theory of statistics - examines the general principles and methods of studying socio-economic phenomena and processes

Socio-economic statistics - studies the methodology for constructing macroeconomic indicators and their analysis, as well as social living and working conditions of the population, their consumption of material goods and services

Industry statistics - studies individual branches of public life

Thanks to statistics, according to its collected data, we can observe how the economic and political activities of the country and the world are developing, how modern human society is developing. Also, based on statistical data, we can draw conclusions about the improvement or deterioration of the work of enterprises and organizations. It is clear that understanding how statistics work is very important for a student. Therefore, if you overslept in the first couples or could not understand the material, you can always ask for help with an explanation from professionals .

Summing up, I would like to say that statistics is one of the most important sciences, since data must be presented not only in a descriptive form, but also in quantitative form. Statistics give a huge impetus to the development of many areas of modern society.

Statistics play an important role in modern society . Thus, special attention is paid to demographic statistics. Population data is in demand at all levels of economic governance. For the development of macroeconomic programs of a social level, information is needed on the actual and prospective size of the population, its composition, distribution over the territory of the country, etc. To develop an effective employment policy, it is necessary to know the size of the able-bodied population, for the formation of pension systems - the number of pensioners, for planning the development of preschool education - the number of children of the corresponding age.

The demand for demographic information at the regional level is even greater. Without reliable demographic information, it is impossible to answer the questions: how much new housing, schools, kindergartens, polyclinics need to be built; Are there enough food resources in the region to meet the needs of the population? To work well with demographic information in the future, you need to learn how to solve many problems. It is clear that if you do not learn how to solve them - in the future your work on demographic information will be doomed - nothing will be clear to you. Ask for essay writing help , if you see that a certain type of task is given to you is difficult and you need to be explained.

The population of any state is very heterogeneous in its composition and changeable over time. When determining the population size of individual settlements for a certain date, such categories of the population as permanent and cash are taken into account.

The dynamics of the population size is formed under the influence of two components: natural and mechanical movement of the population.

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