Cavium Networks Interview Question for Software Engineer / Developers

Country: India
Interview Type: Written Test

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Follow my answers bellow:

Which one of the following applies to multi-core system?
a. Multiple users can use the system at the same time

Answer: Correct. In a multiplrocessor system, you can do more then one task at the same time. In a single processor, it's not possible and what you have is a emulation due to schedule features.

b. The kernel can run in SMP mode

Answer: Yes. I mean, for working with multiple processor you need a SMP hardware (more then one CPU sharing the same main memory).

c. Multiple tasks can execute in parallel without the need for scheduling

Answer: False. Even executing in parallel, you need a scheduler.

d. semaphores and mutexes should be replaced with spinlock

Answer: False. Its a matter of implementation.
Spin lock is very similar then a mutex_try_acquire in a busy loop (to avoid loosing its CPU time).

- Felipe Cerqueira July 31, 2014 | Flag Reply

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