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1- how about enabling java console and run the app again, then see what console says on application crash.
2- Checking the application logs (if available).
3- Checking java environment (including path, CLASS_PATH etc) for possible issues.

- arz February 26, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Delta :- Change in the environment would be my primary concern. Like , Updates from the OS or the dependent library.

- hprem991 February 24, 2014 | Flag Reply
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I would add to that dependent resources. For example, maybe the application is supposed to connect to some web service, URL, or database that's not available today for some reason, and the application does not correctly handle the exception that results.

Maybe the user deleted some data or configuration file accidentally.

- eugene.yarovoi February 27, 2014 | Flag
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First of all, try to find out the pattern of reoccurence..
Secondly, check the error message or warning that appears when the app crashes
Look for memory error, leak, overshooting of CPU usage, unsufficient RAM or low disk space type of problems if this is related to memory.
Look for DLL not found, classpath not correct, file missing or file not accessible type of issues
look for if the application is allowed to run under a specific user or permission set
look for the event log to get precise sequence after which error occurs
Look for any dependent DLLs that are clashing
Look for any process/thread deadlock
Look for any dependency that is over the network and if there is any failure in network communication that is hampering the connectivity.

- Asheesh May 16, 2014 | Flag Reply
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If there is crash of application means that application gave core dump . So analyze the core dump to know the cause .
There can be many reason from crash .. h/w bus fault/socket closures etc ..

- Pragti February 27, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Start from basic till end
1. Restart the application
2. Restart the System
3. Check the RAM of System
4. Remove system cache and temp files to make more space
5. Check if jre is installed may be you have deleted by mistake
6. Check CLASS PATH is right or not
7. Check the error or warnings which it is throwing while crashing.
8. Run the application as Administrative permissions.
9. Restore the system to previous restore point.
10. Try to debug the code of the application and check at which point it is breaking.
11. Try to google if you found some error or warnings.
12. Check the console to find the error.
13. Check the internet connectivity if application require the internet connection.
14. Check the dependency in the application.
These are some basic scenarios which user can try if he doesn't have the knowledge of coding and he need to debug the app.

- naps April 21, 2014 | Flag Reply
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1. Low memory available for the Java application
2. CPU usage of the system is at its peak
3. Too many users accessing the application at the same time
4. Memory leak
5. GC is full
6. Check if the software is corrupted
7. Check the Application server to see if all the files are present.
8. Check if license server is up and running
9. Check if enough memory is present on the database.
10. Virus attack on the system
11. Environment variables and path not set.
12. Check if all the softwares are present and updated
13. Application code has a call to System.exit
14. JDBC drivers might create a problem
15. JVM code optimization
16. Presence of wrong native libraries in PATH
17. File permissions are not given

- AD July 25, 2014 | Flag Reply

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