Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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Questions to interviewer:
1.Where is the game hosted
2.What type of game is it (Ex: Role playing, Arcade, Strategy, Kids etc)
3.What the the supported platforms (PC and mobile are mentioned, but need specifics like is it supported on Andriod, iOS, windows, linux etc)
4.Can it be played offline?
5.What modes do you have single user, multi user ?
6.How does the user get authenticated in case of multi user, does it work integrate with game center, google play or does the game have custom server and authentication?
7.Need more specifics about how many devices can the user stop/resume the game
8.In case of mobile what happens to the game if the user gets a call
9.What type of test cases are needed ? (Sanity, Install rollback, Functional, Performance, Usability)
10. Are there in-game purchases?

High level test scenarios:

1. Test the downloads
2. Validate prerequisites like space, cpu, memory, OS, architecture, GPU etc
3. Install / Rollback tests
4. Functionality tests like the game should be working as per reqmt specs
a) Validate game play
b) In-game help
c) In-game tutorial
d) Does the game exit cleanly
e) Validate if the game is able to identify the device it is executing on and is able to relay the relevant info to server.
5. Performance
a) Response times
b) Measure and reportthe load the game poses to the system (CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU)
6.Help guides and support docs need to be validated for errors

- Balaji Ramamurthy March 15, 2014 | Flag Reply
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Balaji Ramamurthy gave very good answers

adding some points

1) what if there is a power failure in mobile or UPS
2) can it be played on different kind of mobile
3) is pausing on one mobile and resuming on another mobile is possible
4) req3 for PC can be possible or not

- Gaurav Khurana April 17, 2014 | Flag Reply
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- ashley October 17, 2020 | Flag Reply

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