Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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Check if the slowness is due to client side issues, server side or network related.

1. Check the internet speed on the network?
2. See if the resources are tied up on the local machine , such as memory , I/o or processor
3. Check if there are any issues with browser used? Compatibility.
4. Is it an issue with the first time loading of the page or does it repeat every time?
5. Network latency issues.
6. Check if just amazon is loading slowly or other sites have similar issues, Is it slow for a particular page on amazon or all pages.
7. Check for the amount of data being received and if it matters somehow.
8. Check whether the correct site is being hit or some other site is being spoofed as amazon site.

- Anonymous September 08, 2014 | Flag Reply
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+ enable developer tool in the browser (f12 key from keyboard), check in network section, what is the response time and associated error code.

- Anonymous January 10, 2015 | Flag Reply
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1. Check the internet connectivity.
2. Check internet speed.
3. Try to open site on another internet.
4. Clean the cache of the browser and then open the url.
5. Try to open url on another browser.
6. Change the system and open url on another system.
7. Check server response.
8. Check load on server.
9. try to check the logs on server.
10. Restart you system and then open.
11. Check the browser console and check the errors on console.
12. Check of js and css files are very heavy or maximum inline css have been used.
13. Check if user is downloading or browsing something very heavy files.
14. Check if browser is updated or does it support to this browser.
15. Check if user has the permission to open the site in that locale.
16. Try to find out the image sizes used on site that might be possible that they have used large size of images which takes long time to load the images.
17. Check if user has entered the correct url.
18. Check if user has installed some bad addon on the browser which are preventing to user to open the site.
19. Check if you ISP is allowed you to open that site.
20. Check the RAM and other memory resources of your system, that might be possible that user system is busy with other heavy resources.

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