Amazon Interview Question for Quality Assurance Engineers

Team: Kindle
Country: India
Interview Type: In-Person

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1. Data wasn't properly saved to the DB. ( Maybe network error)
2. Error while fetching the data from the DB.

- sunny December 15, 2016 | Flag Reply
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# data wasn't not saved properly in DB (may be network issue - need to perform some kind of check like packet loss using linux tools like nping, tcpdump etc, may be file related error in code / regression)
# UI is not working, ok, but at the same time does any available API call gives the results here? if yes, may be some issue with UI
# Check report application logs, data retrieval logs - if any information available
# check for any browser plugins if it is stopping the data to load properly, try opening in incognito mode or safe mode.
# Discuss with fellow developer and ask for any work around quickly to debug it better or for RCA.

... & many we can add here

- nueman.fernandez February 07, 2018 | Flag Reply

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